Farewell Germany!

From yesterday….

So, my trip is complete – I have been blessed…or something by a homeless man on the train. Only me…where is someone with hand sanitizer when I need it. 

The Bremen airport reminds me of the buffalo airport…other than there is NOTHING once you pass security – no food, no shops…well, other than duty free. And…no way out. Other than to hope the guy at security speaks English. He did, and let me out, right back through the metal detector. Add that to the list of things that would never happen in the US, along with leaving your shoes on and curb-side parking. 

Security was an interesting experience, you basically wait outside the security area until the people in front of you go through. I, of course didnt know this and walked right up. I had no idea why the lady was yelling at me…once she realized I don’t speak German, she did apologize. Once it’s your turn, there’s someone waiting with a bin that helps you put all your stuff in it. Then you walk through a metal detector. It’s seriously the highest security person to passenger ratio I’ve ever seen. Not sure if the bigger airports are like this, or how they manage if it’s busy…if it ever is. 

And there’s someone asleep at the airport…not so crazy. Well, wouldn’t be so crazy if he wasn’t snoring. Loudly. Loud enough for people three rows away to be turning around. 

The highlight – I did see a guy in lederhosen that was not headed to a beer fest party. 

There was more going on at the Frankfurt airport (even though a lot of it was closed because its Sunday), which was good since we were delayed an hour and a half. And, apparently since I’m flying back on a US carrier, they have extra security at the gate. Like, you have to get a special sticker to be allowed to board. To get the sticker, you have to answer a series of questions…..

Some make sense, such as, where were you visiting and how long were you here. Others, like, ‘where did you pack your bag’ and ‘did anyone give you a bomb to bring back’, I can’t say I understand. Because, if you’re being shady, are you really going to tell them?  And, where would one pack a bag?  In a house or hotel, perhaps?  Nah…I hauled it all down to the train station and packed it there. 

After getting through the interrogation, I was able to board the plane…a little shaken, because if you don’t know interrogating everyone is normal practice, you might think something is wrong…

Once onboard, I realized why I don’t fly domestic carriers overseas…the seats are way closer together…and no TV screens in the seat, just a couple of big ones that I couldn’t see anyway. No free wine, really, no drinks of any kind at all after the dinner service. I’ll take the half broken screen on Lufthansa any day….

I had a window seat, which was good. Unless of course you want to use the bathroom. And the people next to you are sleeping. With their trays down. For the whole flight. Awesome. Then I get to SFO, and the restroom is closed. This is not my day. 

Of course US customs was the most difficult to get through, but I had a book and got to watch a movie about security beagles sniffing out oranges in people’s luggage multiple times. I don’t really know what day or time it is, but I’m definitely glad to be home.