skipping a day….

good morning hong kong!

it’s early here, i think…my body isnt sure what time it is.  my computer clock says 4pm…definitely doesnt feel like that, but not sure it feels like 7am either.  im also not sure what currency to pay for my breakfast in…..

flight over wasnt bad, despite having to change seats and ending up in a middle seat.  seats were comfy and to recline, the bottom of the seat moved instead of the top, so youre able to recline without the back of the seat ending up in the face of the person behind you.  too bad all planes dont have that technology.  the red-eye was definitely the way to go, and i give my old navy active wear an a+ for travel comfort.  though, i am excited to sleep in a bed tonight.

they also served both dinner and breakfast.  i was far too tired for dinner, but breakfast wasnt bad.  they claimed it was an omelette, id say it was eggs, hash browns, ham and a piece of sausage.  but, it all tastes the same, i suppose.  there was some juice, a muffin, fruit, and maybe something else – yogurt i think.  its been a long time since ive had food on a plane, but it was actually pretty good.

in regards to the currency, the answer is any one of many….just make sure to read the translation at the bottom of the sheet.  apparently the bill is in hong kong $.  if you try to pay that amount in yuan, it is too much.  luckily they told me….the first of many travel mishaps im sure…

i am impressed by the hong kong airport.  its very clean and quiet.  though, i did drink from a water fountain….totally forgot that it might not be the best idea – hopefully it doesnt come back to haunt me.  looking out the window it reminds me a lot of what hawaii looks like, mountains and mist with some buildings.  from the gate i can see ships in the sea and across to somewhere else….mainland china, perhaps.  i did see a sign for that.  i thought about taking a few pictures, but was concerned i would look too much like a tourist.  then i realized that a, i almost paid twice as much for my breakfast as i should have and b, everyone here is doing the same thing….

next up, navigating to the hotel in japan….