Time flies….

so i realized today how long it’s been since i updated this…where does the day go…

really, where did today go.  and why did it end with a meter eating my money, a broken microwave at school (thank god for 2 folsom), and birds not liking my bright green car…..

anyway…since its been so long…

puerto rico was amazing.  just what i needed – not that germany wasnt fabulous, but it was so nice just to be able to hang out…not worry about a presentation or a race or needing to be anywhere.  i also bought my first new dress in probably eight years…pretty cool.

other than that, life has pretty much gotten back to normal.  well, normal with a side of school and work craziness.  i cant believe its holiday again…yikes!  its crazy, but we all know that on some level, i love it.  and school…well, last class.  thank god!  but its so much work.  so.  much.  work.  ugh…but, its over in a few weeks and then….GRADUATION!  haha…i cant wait.

other than that….as if there is time for anything else….

im on a crash course of training for the north face endurance marathon.  hardest trail marathon in the country.  oh the things that sound good after several glasses of wine.  anyway, its the weekend before graduation and ive run a grand total of 11 miles.  must do 20 the next few weeks.  hopefully ill be able to finish…hopefully.  im sure it will be an adventure anyway, and i love an adventure.  even training has been an adventure – bob cats and trails and terrain and new shoes and training adventures.  always a good time.

we’ve also started to plan our next adventure – nepal/everest in april.  its almost still too far away to be real just yet, but all the forms are signed, we’re looking at flights, and travel shots have been ordered.  we’ve also looked at all the gear we need – eeek….so much stuff.  so crazy, but hopefully it will also be an adventure :).

ok, im pretty sure this is the most pointless blog ever, but i wanted to get something up since its been so long.  until next time….

On the road again….

And this time, there is no paper to present, no conference to attend, or race to be run….just…relaxation. Not that those other trips weren’t fabulous experiences, but I am really excited to take some time and just relax. Brian and I are headed to San Juan to celebrate our fifth anniversary, and to just relax. Yay relaxation…once we get there….

Because of course it’s going to be a round of planes….in fact more planes than it took me to get to Germany. Though, I should be an old pro by now…haha. Though, I did have TSA inspect my hair, yes, you did read that right…my hair. For all the contraband I have hidden in it. And, we did find out that we didn’t have to pay to check luggage. Bonus – save $50 and not have to haul the extra carryon. Downside – we had planned to only check one, and could have brought twice as much wine. Haha.

So, LAX…awful airport. At least where food is concerned. One restaurant for the entire terminal…30 minute wait. Cause that works at an airport. But they had takeout…woohoo…or not. I’m pretty sure the pizza may have been fresh…in March…2010. Brian has a picture of it. I can’t believe we actually ate it…nor can I decide what’s worse. A stomach ache from not eating or a stomach ache from gross food. And, while being sick this week has been anything but fun, hopefully it means I’ll sleep all the way to NYC….

And JFK is freezing….it’s almost like being at the office with the crazy vent next to my desk. Good times…is it time to leave yet?  There’s six or eight of us attempting to sleep while we wait for our flight.  And of course that means someone brings their four year old over to ‘play’, loudly. Really?  There’s nowhere else you could go?  It’s a pretty big airport. Somehow the two guys in the near vicinity have managed to sleep through it.  Oh wait…sleeping guy is dad…awesome. Maybe he could, I don’t know…get up and take care of his child. Or let him continue to run through the airport, that works too.

And they’re playing a song from a really old, dawn era Old Navy commercial.  On that note….

Almost there…one more flight. Countdown to relaxation…six hours and counting.