Best Coworkers and Team Ever!

Quick blog post, because I have the best coworkers and team.  I returned to work after the weekend and two days of PTO, and really feeling like I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend.

As I came down the hallway, towards my desk, I saw what looked like the edge of a congratulations banner.  What I found, and continued to find all day, was so much more.  There was a banner, and balloons, and tinsel, and confetti stars. Who could forget the confetti stars.  No one…and for years to come, no one.  Since they’re all over the building. Literally.  Haha…

Megan told me I had to work all day with the confetti and stars….so of course I did…mad it was a blast!

People came to visit and say congrats all day…my team, my department, my friend Ed, cross functional business partners.  And, every time I came back to my desk, it seemed like something else had shown up – flowers from Kimiko, wine from Lauren….Marie brought brownies and cookies…a card from my entire team.  So nice, and a fabulously unexpected surprise….and I’m sure others had a hand it.  I’m so glad I work with all of you and thank you all so much.

In other news, the vet called….kitty’s tests are normal. Which is good, but he’s still sick. Poor guy.  But, he goes back for some antibiotics tomorrow, as well as some X-rays. Hopefully that helps, he’s a good, nice, cat, and I hope they can help him.

Until next time….

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