One down, one to go…..

Second to last day of class….check, pick up graduation wear….check….so close, yet, one paper and presentation away.  But, so surreal at the same time. After three years, I can’t believe it’s here!  I went out early on Black Friday to find (and hopefully get a discount on) a dress.  I found a great one at BR, bright colored and fun, but of course not part if their Black Friday sale. Luckily, I was able to use my employee discount.  My family from NY and our friends from San Diego are coming to celebrate – I can’t wait, but first about that paper and presentation. Luckily, we had movement on that tonight too.

I can’t believe how fast these past few months have gone….it seems like it was just summer, but we’ve already made it through Black Friday and are marching right into Christmas. Black Friday weekend was far less crazy than last year, well, at least I wasn’t up 29 hours again. As much fun as that was…. I did have a couple workouts interrupted by phone calls and another just as I was grabbing dinner, but, it comes with the territory….and I wasn’t up for 29 hours. Thank god.

We had a great thanksgiving, or friendsgiving.  Great times with great friends, delicious food, everything you’d want from the holiday. And mulled wine….who could forget mulled wine. We did our typical Macy’s Black Friday, less crazy since we got there long after it opened, but we got our ornaments and a few gifts. Spent the rest of the weekend watching holiday movies and decorating.

I love the holidays…and I’m realizing how much fun I thought this post would be and it seems really rather dry…haha. Oh well. It happens.

Busy December ahead….trail marathon this weekend, then if I don’t get eaten by a mountain lion, the nutcracker, dinner with friends, and finally back to NY for Christmas.

Until next time…..

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