Always an Adventure….


Today, I am thankful there is a gap office next to school…I am even more thankful that I can access the cafe and microwave there….and that there is always the possibility of running into an old friend or two…

Let’s back up. So, chiro appointment = work all the plane soreness out of my back/neck/shoulders = awesome. Since it was right next to school, I went there to work remotely before class. Worked out just fine until I went to heat up my food and the microwaves were broken…both of them.

For a second or two, I get briefly frustrated about both wasting the dinner I brought and having to buy new food. Then I remember there’s an office with a microwave and a non-crowded place to sit…if I’m lucky, maybe even a napkin or two. And, on my way to what ended up being a private dinner in the 2 Folsom cafe, I ran into two coworkers I haven’t seen in a long time.

Then, it was my last first day of class….a little bittersweet, but definitely more sweet. On a positive note, my team seems pretty engaged. On a negative note, I am waiting for a train at 10:30 and want to be at home….

Until next time….

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