not all who wander are lost…

well, sometimes they are, but they can just jump in a cab, and then find out the hotel is only a few blocks away ;).

so, today was amazing.  great cycling tour around the city…..navigating the subway….losing myself on the way back to the hotel. and, learning, way more than i ever thought possible.

the day started with the complimentary hotel breakfast.  when i checked in, they gave me a coupon for each day.  outside the breakfast area was a little box – drop breakfast coupons here.  that was it…no one checking, or anything.  im finding that everyone is very trusting and overall, the city feels very safe.  breakfast was simple – croissant type things and corn flake type things over japanese mtv and nicki minaj…..we export the best stuff….

i had to take the train to get to the bike tour, which was a little daunting, despite the directions provided by the hotel.  the machines werent in english…i wasnt sure which one to use…luckily, i found someone to help me.  once i had the ticket, it was really no more daunting than NYC.  and really, the train was easy compared to actually walking around.  trying to find the cycling place after getting off the train – pretty much impossible, despite the help of two different convenience store employees.  despite a phone call to the place, it still took some time to figure out.  between that, and trying to get back to the hotel after getting all turned around, it makes me wonder.  how many people like myself have i passed by?  i cant remember any, but im sure that i have.

the bike tour was fantastic – i didnt know it was possible to see so much of a city in a day: parks, shrines, temples, the imperial palace, sumo wrestlers, university of tokyo, trying a japanese sweet treat and japanese beer….the list goes on and on.  and the impromptu ladies in traditional dress and mobile shrine.  there were only five us, including two guys from san francisco, and two guides, so the whole thing felt very personal.

it was also a day to learn – they keep to the left, not to the right…but from what i could tell, it was only a rule of thumb.  maybe because it was sunday, so things werent as crowded.  bikes are allowed on the sidewalk, but this doesnt change the pedestrian traffic flow.  they still walk where ever, whenever.  add to that, bikes flying at you in the other direction, and its quite the adventure.

tomorrow, i think a run is in order, then, half a day with the japan team.  fingers crossed i can find the office….

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