Berkeley half

So the race was good – well organized and plenty of water. Sadly, an anomaly for an inaugural event. But, this one had it pretty much together. The course was flat, net downhill, with a short, steep hill at the end. The start and sweat check were well organized, and there’s always good people watching. What people choose to wear for these things is always entertaining to see….costumes, glitter skirts, back packs full of water and food, people wearing the race shirt at the race….and me….in whatever happened to be the first running clothes I found. At least I didn’t have brand new shoes for this one…or drink a bunch of saki the night before.  Haha. I also tried running gloves…..bright blue ones. Went great with the light/off blue shirt I had on. Classy…. But anyway, I digress….the start line was the start line….20 minutes after the official start (yeah wave four), I was off….

The first four miles were pretty cool – wound through Berkeley, somewhere I haven’t spent much time, so it was cool to see.  Mostly downhill, with a little flat.  On our way out of town, mile four or so, my left calf or Achilles tightened…’s still sore now.  Hopefully this is not an issue for north face in a few weeks.

Miles four through thirteen were ok, flat and everything, but pretty boring.
Ran along side the highway to emeryville, looped around, ran back…..looped around again…and again.  Ended up on so e gravel path that I don’t think was meant to be a path….looped around again.

Final three miles…at this point, my Achilles was really tight, despite stretching multiple times and my hip flexors started to tighten too. This is not goi g to bode well for north face. But, I was on the path to the finish….or not…loop around again…and finally, we were on our way.  There was some guy yelling that we were almost there and that we had this….the hill at the end had nothing on us….there’s a hill AT&T he end??  This is supposed to be flat…..but, we were on the final straight. Or so we thought. First, we had to wind through a parking lot – think Disney world lines. Couldn’t we have done an extra block or two in Berkeley?  After we made our way through the Disney line, we were finally on our way.  Just, up the now giant looking hill, and down the other side of it to the quietest finish line ever. Funny that we could hear it across the water, but not over the hill.

So, 2:27 overall.  Not my best time, but also not my worst. Not bad for having about half as much time to train as I wanted.  Someday I will have more time…someday.  Crossed the line, got my medal, and then a special medal because I did the SF half in June. Then, into some warm clothes and off to lunch and an amazing post race nap.

We have the football game on, and they keep showing random boston scenes. It makes me smile…and  reflect on my time there. Looking back at, I realize how young I really was and how crazy most of what I did was.  They showed Quincy market….oh Quincy market….I think I spent my birthday there one year.  I know we spent Fourth of July there….and many a mapping session for gap. And the random times I worked in the store there….and how they were the only ones to call and check if I was ok after the protest. And dunkin donuts, how I miss dunkin donuts. I’m pretty sure I ate a lot of it outside the t stop there hahaha….

So, for now I will relax, watch the football game, and enjoy the random boston scenes they’re showing. Happy thanksgiving week. Over and out…..

And the countdowns begin….

I spent the entire day in class….what fun for a Saturday. Ugh…but, then I realized it was the last time I would have class on a Saturday…ever. That made it much more bearable. So, I began my countdowns, and realized how excited I am for the future.  And, without further adieu, days until:

  • Berkeley half – 12 hours and counting….
  • Thanksgiving – five
  • Black Friday – six
  • North Face Marathon – 14
  • Last day of class – 16
  • Graduation – 19
  • Christmas – 32
  • Everest – 154
So much going on….I figured out that the next day I will be able to sleep in will be some weekend in mid-December. Or possibly thanksgiving. If the old navy world doesn’t blow up. Fingers crossed. And possibly a couple of toes.
I also realized that I completely forgot about my 14 year work anniversary. Not a huge deal, or a milestone year or anything…but, probably the first time I’ve just forgotten about it. Just a testiment to how crazy it’s been….

And I just had a passing thought about what day it was….was it a weekend. Sadly for a second, I really couldn’t remember. Oh the joys of holiday crazy at work and weekend class and a race.

I’m eating a cookie that tastes like the holidays…it’s amazing. And Brian made up the recipe himself. Amazing….I don’t want to know what would happen if I tried to create a recipe. Haha….

Other than that, not too much going on. Rode my city bike for the first time in forever.  Great ride to class and the ride home wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. And fun to back on a bike. Now enjoying a relaxing night at home – no work, no school, just relaxing. And thinking about that race tomorrow. Perhaps it’s time for a glass of wine…..mmmmm….wine.

Until next time….over and out.

Weekend Adventures

Oh, what a weekend….maybe the most adventurous in awhile. A lot of fun, but not the most restful…haha.

Saturday, I did my last long run before the north face marathon. And, I might be in trouble (I only made it to 15 miles…maybe 15), but it’s such an adventure every time I’m out there.  Saturday I had planned to run to the lighthouse, back to the car, and then do another loop in a different direction. But, I couldn’t figure out how to run to the lighthouse…why would the trail be labeled on the map?  So, I went a different route, and ended up finding one of the trails on the race course, so I ran Alta until it ended, and then all the way to the starting end. And, found several places where the trail went off state land and onto private land. Which you were allowed to cross, as long as you stayed on the path, kept your dog on a leash, and cleaned up after your dog. The benefit to running through the trailhead was that there was a map, so I figured out how I would get back to the car…what fun is simply going back the way you came?

So I planned a new route…Alta to the end, pick up SCA, then the costal trail back to the visitor’s center.  Then I could assess the distance and decide if I needed another loop on one of the closer trails. Of course, nothing goes according to plan….especially when it comes to trail running. So I’m running along, feeling great, enjoying the awesome views of the SCA trail (single lane trail on the side of a mountain), when I see it…….

A kitty….a rather large, muscular, kitty. Crossing the trail and running up the hill. Too big to be a bob cat….which leaves one option. Yup, definitely a mountain lion. And, as I later found out, there is one living in that area, and they’re warning pets and small children to stay away….

Good times. Luckily, I had plan B – there was another trail a bit back that would take me to the trail I started on that morning, thus taking me back to my car. So, I backtracked. And got back…but then it was cold, and I was stiff, and it was windy. I got back to the visitor’s center and actually went inside, and….it’s pretty cool. Half store and half museum, lots of cool stuff to look at. And a good place to thaw out. Of course, then I didn’t want to run anymore….but I made myself walk a few miles to get them and some more time in. Saw the hostel and the art center…cool to see, but still cold, so I called it a day. Despite the race….I decided that I was doing it (and trail running) to have fun. So, I’m going to have fun…have an adventure…and hopefully finish. If not, well I’m the first to admit that I probably bit off more than I could chew with this. And I’m still up for next year….50 miles would be cool, right??

We had a somewhat low key night….friends over for dinner….cookie baking….sent a pizza back for the first time in my life. Let me back up, we ordered pizza from Paxtis, the only place that delivers to us…not the first time, and probably not the last. We get the pizza an hour later….and one of them looks like it’s been tipped over. The other, well, it looks like its been kicked down a few flights of stairs. So, I call them…not sure what I’m hoping to get, because this has never happened before. They were very nice, and offered to bring us new pizza. An hour later, we had decent looking pizza to eat. Great customer service. And lunch for the rest of the week.

Today we went on another hike, to further break in our boots for Everest. I took Brian and one of our friends on the trail I ran a few weeks ago. Great views of the bridge, and of course we went off the main trail and found a bunch of bunkers in the hillside. Some connected underground. Sadly, they were all covered in graffiti and full of garbage. But, still really cool to see. I love the headlands…so much cool stuff to see.  I also ran into one of my former classmates…cool to see him too.

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over…and I’m back to the craziness. Is it December yet?  Really, is it mid December yet?  Then school will be over too. I can’t wait for graduation. Really, I can’t wait for Black Friday. I definitely had nightmares both nights this weekend….that I hadn’t set the alarm, and was late for work/to deal with whatever crazy had come up now. Just like I used to dream about new flow and inventory when I was an assistant manager in college…glad to see some things never change. Haha….it will all be over soon.

Until next time….over and out.

Is it April yet?

So, I’m finding myself asking if it’s April yet….which is kind of funny, since there is so much going on right now and in the near future that will be a lot of fun – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, graduation, my parents visiting, North Face marathon…but, we’ve started to really plan for everest.  And, I’m really excited….really, really, excited.  We’re figuring out how we’re getting all of our stuff and looking at flights.

We got our boots tonight and are going to start breaking them in tomorrow.  I’m sure that will be an adventure….and I’ll have sore feet – these boots are really stiff.  But, I guess we have to start somewhere.  Hopefully they’ll be good in time for the trip.

Other than that, I’m working through the last few weeks of school…in a rough class.  We can’t seem to figure out what the professor is looking for, or what exactly she takes points off for.  So frustrating.  But, it’s my last class.  And, they don’t do any sort of graduation with honors for grad students…so, I really can’t bring myself to care.  I mean, I’m still going to do the work, but I’m not going to stress about it.  Or at least I’m going to try not to.

I’m also in the process of organizing an MBA panel for my professor that sponsored my paper.  Oh the things that sound good over a beer in Germany….haha…it’s been a good experience thus far.  I have some panelists…and HR wants to come, so that’s a good thing, right?

OK….I think that’s it for now.  Must finish the midterm and get ready for tomorrow’s hike….over and out…for now.

Time flies….

so i realized today how long it’s been since i updated this…where does the day go…

really, where did today go.  and why did it end with a meter eating my money, a broken microwave at school (thank god for 2 folsom), and birds not liking my bright green car…..

anyway…since its been so long…

puerto rico was amazing.  just what i needed – not that germany wasnt fabulous, but it was so nice just to be able to hang out…not worry about a presentation or a race or needing to be anywhere.  i also bought my first new dress in probably eight years…pretty cool.

other than that, life has pretty much gotten back to normal.  well, normal with a side of school and work craziness.  i cant believe its holiday again…yikes!  its crazy, but we all know that on some level, i love it.  and school…well, last class.  thank god!  but its so much work.  so.  much.  work.  ugh…but, its over in a few weeks and then….GRADUATION!  haha…i cant wait.

other than that….as if there is time for anything else….

im on a crash course of training for the north face endurance marathon.  hardest trail marathon in the country.  oh the things that sound good after several glasses of wine.  anyway, its the weekend before graduation and ive run a grand total of 11 miles.  must do 20 the next few weeks.  hopefully ill be able to finish…hopefully.  im sure it will be an adventure anyway, and i love an adventure.  even training has been an adventure – bob cats and trails and terrain and new shoes and training adventures.  always a good time.

we’ve also started to plan our next adventure – nepal/everest in april.  its almost still too far away to be real just yet, but all the forms are signed, we’re looking at flights, and travel shots have been ordered.  we’ve also looked at all the gear we need – eeek….so much stuff.  so crazy, but hopefully it will also be an adventure :).

ok, im pretty sure this is the most pointless blog ever, but i wanted to get something up since its been so long.  until next time….